Creative Writing- Today is my birthday

Today is my Birthday My family came from far and wide. There were best wishes and presents galore, Just to be with my family I couldn’t ask for more. Nothing compares to friendships renewed as we shared stories of when we were young, recalling the funny things said and done.   We had chicken, mash…

Creative Writing- A problem shared

  A problem shared   A friend called today, to see if I was feeling ok. I asked if she was free to have a chat and a cup of tea. I had some worries, which I needed to tell. Because they were making me feel so unwell. All that I was feeling was going…

Creative Writing

    My fuzzy head   I woke up late this morning my head was in a spin. I didn’t know which way to turn I had to think again. Should I stay in bed and be a sleepy head, Or should I get up and have a tea instead. I had my tea and…

Creative Writing

  15th May 2017 A Sunny Sunday Yesterday was a lovely sunny summer’s day, my sister picked me up and we drove to Marlay Park. We walked through the park and listened to the birds sing and watched them fly from tree to tree. Then we went into the café and bought a coffee and…

Forás – New Phone Contact Details

Dear friends, You can contact us in Forás on any of the following 3 mobile phone numbers: 1. 086-1448903 2. 086-1448904 3. 086-8222183 Many thanks, The Forás team!

Community Integration Class

Every week we run different community activities and participants integration in many different ways. This afternoon Theresa will go swimming and Natasha while Jackie and Chris will go out for coffee. We offer tailored programmes to meet the goals of all the people who access our service. To find out more, give us a call!


The art group are currently working on a mindfulness art project. The energy is great and the group are so enthusiastic. We will post an update soon, with some photos showing our progress.

Christmas Carols with Graham

The music appreciation group will practice Christmas carols with Graham. The guys here really love music and they all take part in the sessions with Graham. You can always guarantee a packed room! As Christmas if fast approaching Graham is concentrating on Christmas Carols….keep posted to find out how er get on.

Person-Centred Planning

Here in Forás all the emphasis is on setting and achieving individual goals for people who access our service. Today Anne and Geraldine will have their PCP meeting. They are looking forward to this, as are we. It will give us all some dedicated time to find out more about Anne and Geraldine, set goals…

HACCP Awards in Forás

What a way to kick off our first Forás blog, than with a couple of snaps taken at our awards ceremony on Friday (Feb. 26th). Budding chefs Liam, Jackie and Hugh are proud as punch as they receive their HACCP certificates from a course which they attended last October. Great work guys. The team here…

Thank You and Good Luck to Jamie

Settling in to the new Forás surroundings in Stillorgan has been quite painless, but Jamie C, our work experience student, helped make the task so much easier. We hope Jamie gleaned much from his 4 weeks as part of our team and we know he will be missed by all the service users and staff….

Birthday Celebrations for Brian

On behalf of all his friends in Forás, we would like to wish Brian a fantastic birthday. Brians birthday is on Sunday February 28th, but we celebrated in style with Brian in Forás on Friday. Thanks to Mona, Brians mother, who supplies all the wonderful treats. Thanks to Ann and Paul who were on hand…