Creative Writing


15th May 2017

A Sunny Sunday

Yesterday was a lovely sunny summer’s day, my sister picked me up and we drove to Marlay Park. We walked through the park and listened to the birds sing and watched them fly from tree to tree. Then we went into the café and bought a coffee and a slice of carrot cake. We sat in the walled garden drinking our coffee and had a chat and a laugh. We walked around the garden looking at all the different flowers. We went to the playground, I got tired so we sat on a bench and had an ice cream and watched the children having fun on the swings and the slides.

Later we went to a restaurant in Rathfarnham for lunch, I had a chicken curry and my sister had fish and chips, then we relaxed for a while. I needed new clothes so my sister drove me to Dundrum Shopping Centre; the centre was very busy it took us a long time to find a parking space. I bought a purple jumper and a pair of black trousers. We went to the food court and had a coffee; we didn’t have a cake because we were too full after our lunch.

It was getting late so we decided to go home; it took us a long time to get there because there was a lot of traffic. Everybody in my house was delighted to hear what we did today and where we went. I showed them my new jumper and trousers, they said the colours were lovely and they asked if I had tried on my clothes in the shop. When my sister went home I hung up my new clothes in the wardrobe, I had a shower and went to bed, and I said my prayers and thanked God for a lovely day

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