Community Integration Class

Every week we run different community activities and participants integration in many different ways. This afternoon Theresa will go swimming and Natasha while Jackie and Chris will go out for coffee. We offer tailored programmes to meet the goals of all the people who access our service. To find out more, give us a call!


The art group are currently working on a mindfulness art project. The energy is great and the group are so enthusiastic. We will post an update soon, with some photos showing our progress.

Christmas Carols with Graham

The music appreciation group will practice Christmas carols with Graham. The guys here really love music and they all take part in the sessions with Graham. You can always guarantee a packed room! As Christmas if fast approaching Graham is concentrating on Christmas Carols….keep posted to find out how er get on.

Person-Centred Planning

Here in Forás all the emphasis is on setting and achieving individual goals for people who access our service. Today Anne and Geraldine will have their PCP meeting. They are looking forward to this, as are we. It will give us all some dedicated time to find out more about Anne and Geraldine, set goals…