Open Day 2015

“Riverview and the Good Counsel Centre in Ballyboden hosted the finale of annual open days for friends and families of our service users. Thankfully, the supply of sunshine was plentiful, which lifted spirits even before the event kicked off. To get things literally “off the ground” our good friends in the maintenance department in Cork Street helped us to assemble the marquee. The marquee would serve as a base for the game scorekeepers to mark their scorecards; later this zone would be transformed to serve finger food and other delicious refreshments which were prepared by the ever-energetic Good Counsel catering team.   And so, to the games…  all services users enjoyed participating in games which would incorporate hand-eye coordination, agility, skill and fitness. From penalty kicks to bean bag throwing and from Egg & Spoon races to basketball, there was real talent evident from each and every one of our services users. The afternoon segment of the day consisted of a medal ceremony, a clown who had all of us in stitches, while the “Ballyboden Ramblers” trad band provided the music. With this probably our last annual open days, may I take this opportunity on behalf of all staff in Riverview and Good Counsel Centre to thank  all the friends and families of our service users for their help and support over all the years.

DSCI0702 DSCI0699 DSCI0709  DSCI0705

DSCI0740  DSCI0700 DSCI0705 DSCI0757

DSCI0770 DSCI0868 DSCI0873 DSCI0871

DSCI0801   DSCI0820   DSCI0826

DSCI0842   DSCI0800   DSCI1117

DSCI0878 DSCI0879 DSCI0895

DSCI0899 DSCI0937 DSCI0911

DSCI0937 DSCI0960 DSCI1097

DSCI1125 DSCI1133  DSCI1081


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  1. Amazing pictures. Well done to all. Tnx SL


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