Pool Competition: Riverview Versus Larine

20150716_115911            20150716_120712          20150716_122032          20150716_122746

Big congratulations to the Pool team from Larine Court who just about overcame us in a 5-0 nail-biter, witnessed in our centre on Thursday July 16th. The victorious Larine were represented by a strong team made up of Paul, Lylle, Justin, Brian, Ahmed & Darren. Although not disgraced, Riverview’s losing team were made up of Chris, John, Aubrey, Theresa, Alan & Hughie. A huge thank you, to Sandra for preparing a beautiful lasagne for the visiting contingent.

A now for our next victims…. Cherryfield! We’re coming for ya!!!

 20150716_120800 20150716_124532 20150716_125028 20150716_124339 20150716_130427     20150716_130441


One Comment Add yours

  1. M.Coady says:

    Looks like a great fun……. although I don’t doubt the competitive edge!!!!!!!


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