Riverview is undergoing a major overhaul ….

Hub Model 1

Riverview is undergoing a major overhaul in its programme development. As part of Riverview’s and the Good Counsel Day Service review of services, we have joined forces and developed a unified programme within the framework of EVE’s Hub Model, which incorporates the twelve pillars of New Directions. A series of focus group meetings took place involving our service users, who gave their insight and thoughts on the services previously offered. From these focus groups, suggestions were made on how a Hub model could be implemented into our 2 services, and hey-presto a 12 week Hub model was born.Our new 12 week timetable started off on Monday January 5th 2015. This was to be the starting point of a very new and exciting experience for all associated with the 2 services. A flavour of some of the activities that are taking place both in-house and more importantly within the local community are as follows: Media Workshops, Siel Bleu, Community Boards, Catch Mapping, VEC Literacy groups, Mens Sheds, Swimming and Bowling to name but a few.



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